Why go on tour with me?

  • Enjoy safe and authentic adventure with the local guide. 
  • See the best without missing something special or getting lost.
  • Don’t get surprised by dripping GPS signal in the rocks or insuffitient marking.
  • Hike in famous places as well as unmarked paths, that are hard to find without experience.
  • Save your time on planning and searching for information.
  • Learn new skills, if you decide to practice Nordic Walking technique during the walk. It is really different from the common „leaning on poles“, very effective and more enjoyable.


You can choose from prepared routes or tailored-made itinerary.

You can choose one of the recommended routes in Bohemian Switzerland or I can prepare a tailor-made itinerary for you.


JetřichoviceRudolfům kámen (Rudolf’s Stone), Vileminina stěna (Vilemin’s Wall), Mariina vyhlídka (Mary’s Lookout), Falkenstein Ruins (7-10 km)

Ruins of Šaunštejn, small Pravčická brána, mill ruins Dolský mlýn (10 km)

Pavlina valley and carved path (7 km)

View points around Česká Kamenice (5 – 13 km)

Kyjovské údolí and Doubice, including the possibility to visit a local brewery and a natural cosmetics factory (10 – 20 km)

The rock town of Tisá (6 – 12 km)

Sněžník lookout tower (6 – 10 km)

Hřensko, Pravčická brána (8 km)  consider visiting this place a few months later, when the nature recovers from this summer’s devastating fire. In addition, some places like the gorges of Kamenice are still closed. After their opening it will be possible to take a beautiful circuit connecting this wonderfull route with Pravčická brána. The other recommended destinations are also very attractive and I believe you may enjoy them more at this time.

Other great places to consider visit:

Belvedere, outskirts such as Růžová (Růženka lookout tower and traditional soap factory), Česká Kamenice with its beautiful rock views, the rock chapel and overhang in Všemily, the surroundings of Srbská Kamenice, Janov lookout tower, view on river Elbe Růžová vyhlídka, Děčín.

You can combine the destinations from Bohemia and Saxon Switzerland as you wish.

Choose from these routes or make you own itinerary from desired destinations.

click on the desired tour to get more info about each destination

Lilienstein, výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda,
1. Lilienstein, Königstein
bastei, výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda, pohoda
2. Bastei
Pfaffenstein, Papstein, Gorish,výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda, pohoda
3. Pfaffenstein, Papstein
Kuhstahl, výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda,
4. Kuhstahl, Winterstein
Zirkelstein, výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda, poznávání
5. Kaiserkrone, Zirkelstein
Zschirnstein, výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda,
6. Grosser Zschirnstein
Grosser Winterberg 1
7. Grosser Winterberg
výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda, pohoda
8. Schrammsteine
Schrammsteine group
9. Tailore-made route


The first mountain to be climbed is Lilienstein, one of the most beautiful table mountains in Saxony, with far-reaching views in all directions. We walk through a pleasant forest circuit and take the ferry to Königstein, where we climb the eponymous table mountain with its medieval fortress. We will first walk around the whole of it and those who want to let the magic of history breathe on them can visit the fortress. In addition, we will enjoy more spectacular views of the Elbe Canyon and the surrounding table mountains. 

The route can be shortened or joined with other destination.


The most visited place in Saxony, it leads through the picturesque town of Kurort Rathen to the Bastei stone bridge and the remains of Neurathen Castle. After enjoying the magnificent views of the Elbe Canyon and the rock towns, descend a narrow path between the rocks to the small lake Amselsee, where boats and pedal boats race around. The next stop will be the Gamrig rock massif with far-reaching views of the Elbe and the surrounding area.

The route can be extended by 6 km to the well-preserved medieval castle of Hohnstein or joined with any desired destination.


The route will lead to two majestic table mountains. We will climb many steps up and down and there may be a short ladder. We will be rewarded with views of the surrounding table mountains and the wider surroundings. We won’t miss the sight of a beautiful rock needle in the shape of a female figure named Barberine. We can also visit the stone lookout tower or visit the caves in the rocks. There is a restaurant on both peaks open in season.

The road can be extended of third smaller table mountain Gorish or joined with other destination.


The first climb among the rock masses is up Winterstein. We will climb up ladders to the top to the remains of the ancient castle, where the view is magnificent. Then we continue to the Kuhstahl cave, which is the second largest rock arch in Czechoslovak Switzerland after our Pravčická Gate. According to legend, local people hid their herds here during the war to protect them from the troops. You can also enjoy the rock arch from the top by climbing the stairs in the rock crevice. At the top, we can enjoy an impressive view of the wide surroundings, while at the bottom we can refresh ourselves with coffee, cake, mulled wine or traditional dishes. The way back will lead along the bends of the picturesque river Křinice.

This route also has an easy option, if you want to enjoy relaxation or traveling with children. We can start in the spa town of Bad Schandau and take the historic tram (in warm season only) to the artificial waterfall Lichtentenhain, from here, it’s just a short walk to the Kuhstahl rock arch. The hike up Winterstein can be skipped. Back in Bad Schandau, you can enjoy the Elbe Promenade, the remains of an ancient castle, a scenic lift to beautiful lookout and the Toscana Bad Therme, which has a sauna world and a saltwater pool with underwater music.



The trip starts in Hřensko, crossing the ferry to the German side and climbing a small road to the top of the cozy village of Schöna. Here we enjoy two beautiful rock viewpoints of Kaiserkrone and Zirkelstein. There are several ladders to climb up the latter, but it opens up to amazing views in all directions. We will return by a wild forest trail leading above the Elbe River. If you wish, the trip can be enriched by visiting a beautiful forest nature trail with refreshments, in which case count on an extra 3 km. Other option is to go via wasserfall Klopotský vodopád.

Back in Hřensko you can visit restaurants, shops or other beutiful viewpoits. In warm season you can travel to Hřensko also by ship.


This is the largest table mountain in the area and is located just over the border. The starting point is on the Czech side in Dolní Žleb. We take it via the Klopotsky waterfall with an adjacent rock pool, where hardy people can take a dip. Next we will climb the elevation, in this case without steps or ladders, and at the top we will be rewarded with far-reaching views of the open countryside. 


The path leads steeply upwards through breathtaking views of the Elbe Canyon and the surrounding rock masses, and occasionally we will have to climb a few steps. We will continue along a gentle path lined with distant views to the Grosser Winterberg, where there is the opportunity to visit the lookout tower and restaurant. On the way back we can visit the picturesque village of Schmilka, here there are cafes, restaurants and a working mill wheel.


One of the most spectacular places in Saxon Switzerland, the monumental rock massifs of the Schrammsteine, „the scarred stones“. We can have a snack on the „Frühstickplate“, a rocky plateau with another amazing view, which is perfect for a little picnic. We’ll climb up rock steps and ladders, rewarded by the spectacular views that line the path, this trip is challenging, but really worthy.  

The route can be shortened or joined with other destination.


You can choose the destination in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland, that attracts you most. I may help you with your choice and we will make the best route for your unforgetable experience.

About me

IMG 20220811 121622x

My name is Jitka Kočová, I am a traveler and adventurer at heart.

In the past I loved to travel abroad, I hitchhiked through the south of Europe, traveled America and Hawaii during my studies in New York, looked into Canada and Ecuador.

After returning to the Czech Republic, I started to become more aware of the nature around me and I found here all I love about traveling, the joy of planning trips, discovering new places, interesting experiences, a touch of adventure and beautiful wildlife.

The magic of traveling is in nature itself, in a present moment, the people we meet and in our emotions.

You can see me rollerblading, cross-country skiing, ferrata climbing, but most often on NORDIC WALKING hikes with poles.

This technique has literally won me over. Walking with it is rhythmic and pleasant, at the same time I strengthen the muscles of almost the whole body, rehabilitate my previously aching back, keep myself in good shape, while feeling like I am dancing through the forest.

On my walks with poles, I have explored many marked and unmarked paths in my area over the years. Many times I was lost, pushed the way through rough sections, yet I have always enjoyed my survey of the landscape.

As a visiter, you may have not enough time to explore all the places and it may be difficult to decide, what to see and what you skip. That’s why I’ve picked out my favourite trails to show you the best of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland.

To show you even more, I offer the possibility to enrich your trip with Nordic Walking techniques, which you can enjoy not only during this trip, but also any time later.

lekce, kurz, Děčín, výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking

Why to learn NORDIC WALKING technique

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Why do I recommend combining guided tours with Nordic Walking techniques?

You can enjoy your trips even more, the walking will be very pleasent and you should feel less fatigue.

We don’t lean on the poles, but bounce off them. With the correct technique you will find walking with poles more enjoyable and you will get many healthy benefits. 

You can engage up to 90% of your muscles, strengthen almost your whole body evenly and at the same time get a rehabilitation effect without having to work hard for it.

Why is it good to start Nordic Walking with an instructor?

The instructor will guide you through a proven methodical approach, which will help with coordination of movement and make learning much easier.

The instructor sees your mistakes that you are initially unable to realize on your own and shows you how to correct them.

You will avoid performing incorrectly, which leads to pain, overuse of certain muscles and reduced benefits.

It will show you new way to use the poles in your daily life. 

You can use the technique at any other time on your trips. It´s  perfect for getting fit, enjoying your regular excercise in nature or even for weight loss.

technika nordic walking, vyuka nordic walking, správná technika nordic walking, kurzy, pohyb, hubnutí, zdravý, cestování, výlet, skupinový výlety


Have you got more question? Send me a message or call me. / +420 731 522 839.

Car transfer from Děčín is possible for 1-4 persons (see the pricelist).

If you are driving your own car, I will send you GPS location and a map with the parking lot.

If you prefare public transport, I can help you find connection (bus, train, boat), if available.

The possibility of transportation for larger groups will be arranged individually.

Yes, you can visit the places you wish, I can prepare the route for you individually. 

The basic price in pricelist is for any circuit 4-5 hour (8-12 km), no matter if you choose from recommended tours of your own places. If you wish to make more stops and cirkuits in one day, the price will match the time frame of the itinerary. 

I can make an exact calculation, if you let me know, which places you wish to visit. 

Yes, whether you take advantage of the Nordic Walking lessons or not is just up to you.

If you are not sure if NW is for you, I recommend you at least give it a try.  Once you learn the correct technique, you may start to love Nordic Walking. 

I have had great feedback from my clients that they really enjoyed their trips with Nordic Walking very much. If it wasn´t your case, poles are foldable and can be put in a backpack.

Let me know, which activities would be interesting for you and I will let you know, if I can provide them.

The poles rental is included in the price. 

I suggest first to try them and then deside, if this is the right activity for you. For those, who wants to have their own poles, I will help to select the right type or I can also sell them.

Yes, I will be happy to issue a gift voucher for all my activities – guided trips, Nordic Walking lessons, Forrest Mind workshop or nutrition consultation.

 You can choose from general design or special design with your own photography.

See the best of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland:


1 route (4-5 hours)

The price doesn´t include transport, parking fee, ferry and admissions. Parking fee in Sachsen: 3 – 8 Eur / 80 – 200 CZK, ferry (only trip 1 – Lilienstein, Königstein , 5 – Kaiserkrone, Zirkelstein) – 2,40 Eur / 60 CZK. Königstein Fortress admission fee:  13 Eur per person, the remains of Neurathen Castle near Bastei: 2,5 Eur per person.

Every aditional destination in one day

The price does not include transport, parking fee, ferry and admissions.

Guided trips to get know new people and places

Gift vouchers

Transport (max. 4 people)

Papstein, výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking
Lilienstein, výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda, pohoda
výlet, nejkrásnější výlet, průvodce, české švýcarsko, saské švýcarsko, průvodce, cestování, nordic walking, dovolená, příroda, pohoda
cesty nad Schmilkou
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IMG 20220903 143049
cIMG 20220612 103249

Pricelist valid from  1.7.2022.

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